Around 50 percent of all elderly have some kind of sleeping disorder that might ultimately result in serious issues to their health. The possibility of heart ailments, mental illness & Type-2 Diabetes further increase in seniors who suffer from sleep deprivation.

Conditions Causing Sleep Disorders in Seniors:

Medical disorders which senior citizens suffer due to older age can make it further challenging for them to fall or remain asleep. These includes neurological disorders, respiratory or lung problems, bladder issues, Alzheimer’s syndrome, heart illness, etc. Corticosteroids, H2 blockers & diuretics are major culprit among drugs which might lead to sleep disruption among seniors above the age of 65.

Sleep Disruption: Common Symptoms

Poor sleeping habits can not only increase the odds of the disorder, but also lead to falls, accidents, etc. Common symptoms of sleep disorder like sleep apnea include feeling sleepy throughout the day, ‘brain fog’ issues, not being able to remember things, etc. In case you’re above the age of 65 & experiencing these problems, make sure to consult a professional, who might suggest you a ‘sleep study’ in order to discover potential conditions like sleep apnea.

Sleep Hygiene

Seniors with cardiovascular or similar disorders and are one medicines need to ask their doctor about medications which might the least impact on their sleep. In the event you’re left with no option but to take medicines used to treat sleep disruption, do your best so as to adopt superior sleep hygiene. This starts with selecting an appropriate bed. In case you are using a mattress which is with you for more than ten years, then it may be the right time to get another one as a replacement.

In case you’re used to sleeping on your sides, then a hybrid mattress that offers the support can make sure your shoulders and hips stay comfortable while you sleep. An ideal hybrid mattress should’ve different layers that provide contour & support. Also, it must make sure you wake up comfy in the morning without any stiffness or pain. The design of your bedroom also need to be optimal; ensure that the abode is cool and dark, and totally silent.

About Senior Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Plans:

Seniors eligible for Medicare can consider a Medigap plan to cover the remaining 20 percent expenses that Medicare doesn’t pay for. This can help them save a good amount of cash in the long run.