There are plenty of retirement calculators available on the internet. These are special tools that can be used to calculate estimated post retirement income once you superannuate. Almost all these tools ask simple questions, such as about annual salary, present retirement savings value, expected years in retirement, estimated retirement age, current age, amount annually added to your retirement savings and more. Know about a few top features to seek in a retirement calculator. Get quotes at

Social Security

Make sure that the calculator includes Social Security, which permits individual input for you as well as your spouse. It also needs to enable you to input all the advantages. In a few calculators, Social Security is estimated based on age. But the estimates may be very inaccurate, given that the calculator never considers the contributions made by your spouse to Social Security throughout your professional life. Social Security is generally a vital element of retirement income and should be accurate in the calculations that you make.

Individual input

The tool must let you make individual input for you as well as your spouse. It is probable that there is an age difference between the two of you. Thus, the social security benefits for the two of you will be on a varied schedule. Withdrawals from your own IRAs might be differently timed. Ensure that the tool has varied input fields for all such information.

Inflation rate

It should permit you to type in the rate of inflation that is anticipated. Lots of calculators can make such estimation, but inflation every year is based on past averages. Thus, you need a calculator that is updated, so that proper estimation is made.

Stock market cycles

The calculator should also let you compare your retirement to stock market cycles over history and let you know how often your retirement plan could have been successful on the basis of market performance in the past.

Lump sum additions

It needs to enable you to make big additions to your own retirement savings, and permit you to specify that date when you anticipate you are going to retire. Many elderly people own a home which is likely to be their single biggest asset. There is a chance for superannuated individuals to sell their property and move to an old home or an apartment. The income that they make from the sale of their own house can help them pay the rent of their apartment.