Senior citizens and kids are the two age groups that are quite vulnerable when it comes to fire injuries.

Imp: Space heaters & smoking are 2 of the leading causes of injuries & fire-related deaths amongst elders.

Avoid smoking in bed at all costs.  Still, if the habit is unavoidable:

Make sure to use deep, sturdy & large ashtrays.

Soak ashes, matches and cigar butts with water prior to throwing it out in your dumpster.  Ensure that smoking stuff, especially lighters & matches are at a safe distance from kids.  Never smoke after taking medications or consuming alcohol in order to avoid falling asleep whilst you’re still smoking.  Know the safety tips for space-heaters.  Use the space heaters which feature a protective screen that covers the components.

Make sure the space heaters receive no less than 3 feet of space throughout.  Make sure all flammable stuff is at a safe distance from the space-heater. Avoid drying wet clothing, towels or shoes on your space heater. Always unplug/switch off the space heater prior to sleep or leaving your home. Setup smoke detectors. When examining smoke detectors, avoid standing on the steps or chair. Rather, use the broom handle for pressing the ‘Test’ button.

In case you’ve hearing issues, get a communication device that can transform the smoke detector alarm into vibrations or flashing-lights. Do not remove the batteries from your smoke detectors situated nearby kitchens while cooking. Rather, use ‘Silence’ button Come up with a fire escape strategy in case of an emergency.  In case you’re on medication or wear eye-glasses, make sure they’re placed near your bed.  Elderly people must also try to sleep on the ground for ensuring safe evacuation while practicing their fire strategy.

Medicare Supplement Plans for Seniors:

As you might already know, Medigap coverage is a supplemental coverage which is offered by private insurance firms which allow seniors or elderly people to cover extra expenses associated with their Medicare-approved services. Typically, Medigap plans help you cover things like co-insurance, co-payment as well as deductibles for which Original Medicare Part A and B don’t pay for. In case you are facing a tough time to pay for your present medical expenses (approved by Medicare) and would like to cover 100% of these expenses, a Medigap plan might prove quite beneficial for you.