The significance of good bone health must never be overlooked by the elder population. Bones that stay strong even in your older age are likely to reduce your risk of falls and serious injuries that have become so common in seniors.

Below we have listed some tips for senior citizens who want to build powerful bones & maintain them even in their older age:

Eat Plenty of Green Vegetables

Veggies are necessary to strengthen your bones. They contain vitamin C that’s known to encourage the development of cells crucial for the formation of bones. Whats’ more, studies indicate that the effects of antioxidant present in vitamin C might even help shield your bones from damage.

Start Strength Training Workouts

More often than not, older folks who exercise on a regular basis get frustrated since they don’t feel like the workouts are helping them increase their strength. This typically is the case when they concentrate only on cardio workouts like cycling and running & avoid strength training exercises. Exercises associated with resistance bands, push-ups, and weight lifting are ideal if you would like to increase the strength of your muscle which tends to get weaker as you age.

Get sufficient protein

The fact is, almost 50& of your bone contains protein. Thus, it only makes sense if you enough protein from your daily diet. Experts recommend protein rich foodstuffs like almonds, lean beef, Greek yogurt, etc.


Seniors might have a hard time getting enough nutrients from their day to day diet, particularly in the event aging has affected their appetite. For them, taking supplements that help them meet their daily nutrient requirement that is recommended by their doctor can prove beneficial.

Stay away from caffeinated drinks and salty foods

Foods containing an unnecessary amount of sodium or the ones that are heavily processed are likely to prevent your body from absorbing the required amount of calcium. The same thing goes with beverages containing plenty of caffeine. So, it’s recommended that you avoid caffeine & salty foods as much as possible. Get a quote for 2020 supplements at

About Medigap Plans:

Medigap plans or Medicare supplement plans are add-on coverage which can be considered by seniors who are finding it challenging to cover out of pocket costs which Traditional Medicare doesn’t cover. For more info, you can get in touch with your nearby insurance provider who can guide you in the right direction.