Why Seniors Face Trouble Falling Asleep?

Around 50 percent of all elderly have some kind of sleeping disorder that might ultimately result in serious issues to their health. The possibility of heart ailments, mental illness & Type-2 Diabetes further increase in seniors who suffer from sleep deprivation.

Conditions Causing Sleep Disorders in Seniors:

Medical disorders which senior citizens suffer due to older age can make it further challenging for them to fall or remain asleep. These includes neurological disorders, respiratory or lung problems, bladder issues, Alzheimer’s syndrome, heart illness, etc. Corticosteroids, H2 blockers & diuretics are major culprit among drugs which might lead to sleep disruption among seniors above the age of 65.

Sleep Disruption: Common Symptoms

Poor sleeping habits can not only increase the odds of the disorder, but also lead to falls, accidents, etc. Common symptoms of sleep disorder like sleep apnea include feeling sleepy throughout the day, ‘brain fog’ issues, not being able to remember things, etc. In case you’re above the age of 65 & experiencing these problems, make sure to consult a professional, who might suggest you a ‘sleep study’ in order to discover potential conditions like sleep apnea.

Sleep Hygiene

Seniors with cardiovascular or similar disorders and are one medicines need to ask their doctor about medications which might the least impact on their sleep. In the event you’re left with no option but to take medicines used to treat sleep disruption, do your best so as to adopt superior sleep hygiene. This starts with selecting an appropriate bed. In case you are using a mattress which is with you for more than ten years, then it may be the right time to get another one as a replacement.

In case you’re used to sleeping on your sides, then a hybrid mattress that offers the support can make sure your shoulders and hips stay comfortable while you sleep. An ideal hybrid mattress should’ve different layers that provide contour & support. Also, it must make sure you wake up comfy in the morning without any stiffness or pain. The design of your bedroom also need to be optimal; ensure that the abode is cool and dark, and totally silent.

About Senior Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Plans: https://www.medicareadvantage2019.org/bcbs-medicare-advantage-plans-for-2019

Seniors eligible for Medicare can consider a Medigap plan to cover the remaining 20 percent expenses that Medicare doesn’t pay for. This can help them save a good amount of cash in the long run.

Finance in the lives of older adults.

People are living for many years, in a more active and more fulfilling sense. The additional years however, represent additional costs particularly because retirement benefits are drawn for longer periods and the costs of medication, healthcare and nursing care continue to soar. So the flipside of the scientific triumph over illness and disease is that many people do not have adequate financial resources to support their longer lives with the desired level of comfort.  It is however a good thing to note that seniors and families should pursue some financial prevention tactics aside from the health related ones. Some of them include the following:

  • Get financial help from your adult children

Adult children of an older adult can often play a useful role in helping their older parents in managing their finances as they age. It’s important to incorporate the support of one’s children before experiencing a crisis or cognitive decline. This will ensure that they know the basics and primary information such as where to find account information if they need to. Talking through plans and informing them of the wishes you have, you could even  write out an overview of how you want to manage your finances as you age.

  • Encouraging older adults to simplify their financial lives.

The best time to start doing this is before retirement and therefore around the age of 60 years which is considered the prime age for the ability to manage finances to start to decline. The older adults may be more willing to do this if we collectively get better at educating people about how common age-related financial problems really are and how real they can be.

  • Authorize attorneys and financial planners in advance on what to do

The instructions could be contacting a trusted relative or friend when the lawyer or planner suspects a decline in the financial abilities of the older adult. This will even make it easier for professionals to get the older adult’s care circle involved in good time rather than waiting for a financial disaster to happen. Visit the following link for quotes for advantage plans https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org/united-healthcare-medicare-advantage-2019/

  • Prepare for cognitive decline

When it comes to managing one’s finances, signs of cognitive decline tend to show up when one is between the age of 60 and 70. This makes it harder to manage bills, calculate tips and make change. Sometimes adult children or others can help prevent bigger problems, like falling behind on bills, by noticing those red flags and stepping in to help.

Ways to Enhance Bone Health for Senior Citizens

The significance of good bone health must never be overlooked by the elder population. Bones that stay strong even in your older age are likely to reduce your risk of falls and serious injuries that have become so common in seniors.

Below we have listed some tips for senior citizens who want to build powerful bones & maintain them even in their older age:

Eat Plenty of Green Vegetables

Veggies are necessary to strengthen your bones. They contain vitamin C that’s known to encourage the development of cells crucial for the formation of bones. Whats’ more, studies indicate that the effects of antioxidant present in vitamin C might even help shield your bones from damage.

Start Strength Training Workouts

More often than not, older folks who exercise on a regular basis get frustrated since they don’t feel like the workouts are helping them increase their strength. This typically is the case when they concentrate only on cardio workouts like cycling and running & avoid strength training exercises. Exercises associated with resistance bands, push-ups, and weight lifting are ideal if you would like to increase the strength of your muscle which tends to get weaker as you age.

Get sufficient protein

The fact is, almost 50& of your bone contains protein. Thus, it only makes sense if you enough protein from your daily diet. Experts recommend protein rich foodstuffs like almonds, lean beef, Greek yogurt, etc.


Seniors might have a hard time getting enough nutrients from their day to day diet, particularly in the event aging has affected their appetite. For them, taking supplements that help them meet their daily nutrient requirement that is recommended by their doctor can prove beneficial.

Stay away from caffeinated drinks and salty foods

Foods containing an unnecessary amount of sodium or the ones that are heavily processed are likely to prevent your body from absorbing the required amount of calcium. The same thing goes with beverages containing plenty of caffeine. So, it’s recommended that you avoid caffeine & salty foods as much as possible. Get a quote for 2020 supplements at https://www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2020/

About Medigap Plans:

Medigap plans or Medicare supplement plans are add-on coverage which can be considered by seniors who are finding it challenging to cover out of pocket costs which Traditional Medicare doesn’t cover. For more info, you can get in touch with your nearby insurance provider who can guide you in the right direction.

Why Skipping An Eye Exam Might Not Be a Good Idea for Seniors?

Research indicates that almost 18% of folks who’re 50 and above haven’t seen an ophthalmologist for a minimum of 3 years or were unsure about the date of their previous eye examination.

Also, it was found that over 40% of seniors skipped a visit to an eye specialist simply because they didn’t experience any issues with their eyesight.

Why You Must Never Skip Your Eye Exam?

According to Eye specialists, a number of diseases related to your eyesight don’t show any early signs meaning they could only be diagnosed via a proper eye test. It might also impact the overall well-being of older adults, as well as increase the odds of falling.

Experts suggest annual eye checkups for everybody who’s above the age of 60, along with those who experience any changes in their vision.

Eye Disease You Must Pay Close Attention to:

Cataracts Disease:

It may lead to blurry vision as well as increase the sensitivity of your eyes to glare. The disorder might also limit a person’s ability to differentiate colors. Typically, cataracts may affect both the eyes, even though one eye might be affected more as compared to the other. People who smoke or are diabetic pose the greatest risk of suffering from cataracts disease, although folks might also get them due to the changes in their lens protein with age.

AMD or Age-associated macular degeneration

AMD may impact center part of your retina, known as the macula. It’s small structure which enables us to view different colors and identify the details of each. However, AMD doesn’t affect your peripheral vision.

Easy ways for preventing AMD:

Stop smoking

Workout at least 5 days per week

Eat a diet which consists of leafy, green veggies & fish

Ensure your blood pressure doesn’t fluctuate

Ensure balanced levels of cholesterol

Diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy, as indicated by its associated with diabetes. The disease weakens the blood vessels which nourish your eye retina, causing leakage of fluids and blood. Diabetic retinopathy typically clouds the individual’s vision affecting both their eyes.


In Glaucoma, loss of vision may occur due to the damage to the optic nerves. As time passes, this might even affect the person’s peripheral vision.

Retinal detachment

It causes separation of the retina from the tissues & might result due to the change in the vitreous fluid present on the back of your eyes. It might even result due to a head or eye trauma, due to eye inflammation and diabetes. Proper treatment is essential in order to avoid complete loss of vision.

This might not be a complete list of eye disease, nevertheless it contains some of the major diseases & also showcases the importance of eye exams for seniors.

Note that neither traditional Medicare nor Medicare Supplement Plans cover routine eye exams. However, people with diabetes or those who’ve higher risk of suffering from glaucoma might be covered for a yearly eye exam under Part B Medicare.

How do I choose health insurance for my Medicare Part D policy?

If you are getting qualified for Medicare and are considering your insurance options, you probably considered your Medicare Part D prescription drug policy. The good news is that you can have many options when choosing a Medicare Part D policy. You must choose the following when choosing a health insurer for your Medicare Part D policy.

How much does the Medicare Part D policy cost?

Medicare Part D policies are provided by private insurance firms with Medicare approval, which means that each company sets its own cost structure. When comparing policy costs, there are three elements to consider: the monthly premium, the annual deductible and the co insurance or co payment structure.  Except you receive prescription drug insurance via a Medicare Advantage policy, you usually pay a different monthly premium for your Medicare Part D insurance company.

Your policy may also have an annual deductible, but many policies do not. A deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket before the policy begins to pay. The deductible varies by policy, but cannot exceed the Medicare limit each year. It also has a cost sharing for your insurance. Some policies use a co payment system whereby for each prescription you pay a flat fee. Other policies use co insurance, which is a percentage of the actual cost of the prescription. Many policies use a step-up co pay or co insurance scheme in which you pay a lower amount for less generic prescription drugs and a higher amount for expensive brand-name drugs.

Will Medicare Part D insure all my prescription medications?

All policies must include certain prescription drugs and certain classes of prescription drugs that Medicare requires. In addition, companies can also choose other medications. The list of prescription drugs insured by a Medicare Part D policy is called a “formulary.” Should you regularly take prescription drugs, you should check the regulations that apply to each drug you are interested in to make sure your drugs are insured. The formulary can change at any time, but the policy must notify you when necessary. Quotes for AARP advantage are at https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org/aarp-medicare-advantage-plans-for-2019/

If your exact medication is not insured, there will be similar prescription medications in most cases. If your doctor thinks that a particular medication is the only one that’s right for your specific condition, you may need an exception to your policy.

Some policies may have special insurance rules for certain types of drugs. For example, you may need to try a cheaper drug for a while to see how you respond to it before your policy insures a similar drug that is higher. Some policies may require prior approval for certain medications. Your policy may also limit the number of does or pills of medication that you can receive at the same time.

Do I have to use another pharmacy with my Medicare Part D policy?

Some policies use a network of providers to keep costs down for their members. For some cases, the policy may not pay at all when it leaves the provider network.

Why Flu Shots Are Essential for Elderly People?

Experts highly recommend elderly who’re 65 or above to get flu shot on a yearly basis. Also, people suffering from chronic issues which compromise their immunity & those who’re less than 65 can also benefit from the flu shots since the lower immunity levels of older people makes it challenging to eliminate the virus and flu complicating the disorders they might already have. https://www.medisupps.com/

Everyone must play their role when it comes to the prevention of the flu. Whenever an elderly person gets the flu shot, they’re likely to minimize the odds of passing the illness to their loved ones. This is particularly necessary for seniors who visit their grand-kids on a regular basis.


For people who’re 65 and above, there are a number of vaccinations available based on their current health & the advice of their doctor. Lately, higher dosage vaccines have also been made available. They create a better immune response which can be more beneficial for certain folks. For determining which type of vaccine can best suit you, seek a professional advice.

Preventing Other Complications

Skipping yearly flu vaccinations can put seniors at a higher risk of suffering from other complications which might arise as a result of the virus. Even elderly who’ve no serious health issues might develop conditions like bronchitis or pneumonia & might need an immediate hospitalization. For people who’re already suffering from serious health issues like lung or heart issues, the flu might pose a greater threat. It’s estimated that around 85% flu-associated deaths occur in elderly who’re 65 or above.

Will My Medicare Cover Flu Shots?

Part B Medicare covers entire expenses of your seasonal flu shots on an annual basis during winter or fall. However, in order to cover Part B deductible, seniors will require Medicare Supplement Plans which won’t be covered by their Traditional Medicare plan.

Also, it is a requirement that you choose a Medicare-approved healthcare provider for your flu shots before you can receive the benefits. Providers won’t be able to charge you any amount that’s higher than the one which is approved by Medicare. In case you select a provider who doesn’t accept Medicare participants, then you might have to cover additional charges for the services of your health care provider, however, the flu shots can still be covered by Medicare.

Ways to Prevent Fire for Seniors who Smoke

Senior citizens and kids are the two age groups that are quite vulnerable when it comes to fire injuries.

Imp: Space heaters & smoking are 2 of the leading causes of injuries & fire-related deaths amongst elders.

Avoid smoking in bed at all costs.  Still, if the habit is unavoidable:

Make sure to use deep, sturdy & large ashtrays.

Soak ashes, matches and cigar butts with water prior to throwing it out in your dumpster.  Ensure that smoking stuff, especially lighters & matches are at a safe distance from kids.  Never smoke after taking medications or consuming alcohol in order to avoid falling asleep whilst you’re still smoking.  Know the safety tips for space-heaters.  Use the space heaters which feature a protective screen that covers the components.

Make sure the space heaters receive no less than 3 feet of space throughout.  Make sure all flammable stuff is at a safe distance from the space-heater. Avoid drying wet clothing, towels or shoes on your space heater. Always unplug/switch off the space heater prior to sleep or leaving your home. Setup smoke detectors. When examining smoke detectors, avoid standing on the steps or chair. Rather, use the broom handle for pressing the ‘Test’ button.

In case you’ve hearing issues, get a communication device that can transform the smoke detector alarm into vibrations or flashing-lights. Do not remove the batteries from your smoke detectors situated nearby kitchens while cooking. Rather, use ‘Silence’ button Come up with a fire escape strategy in case of an emergency.  In case you’re on medication or wear eye-glasses, make sure they’re placed near your bed.  Elderly people must also try to sleep on the ground for ensuring safe evacuation while practicing their fire strategy.

Medicare Supplement Plans for Seniors:

As you might already know, Medigap coverage is a supplemental coverage which is offered by private insurance firms which allow seniors or elderly people to cover extra expenses associated with their Medicare-approved services. Typically, Medigap plans help you cover things like co-insurance, co-payment as well as deductibles for which Original Medicare Part A and B don’t pay for. In case you are facing a tough time to pay for your present medical expenses (approved by Medicare) and would like to cover 100% of these expenses, a Medigap plan might prove quite beneficial for you.

What are the Top Features to Seek in a Retirement Calculator?

There are plenty of retirement calculators available on the internet. These are special tools that can be used to calculate estimated post retirement income once you superannuate. Almost all these tools ask simple questions, such as about annual salary, present retirement savings value, expected years in retirement, estimated retirement age, current age, amount annually added to your retirement savings and more. Know about a few top features to seek in a retirement calculator. Get quotes at https://www.medicareadvantage2019.org/

Social Security

Make sure that the calculator includes Social Security, which permits individual input for you as well as your spouse. It also needs to enable you to input all the advantages. In a few calculators, Social Security is estimated based on age. But the estimates may be very inaccurate, given that the calculator never considers the contributions made by your spouse to Social Security throughout your professional life. Social Security is generally a vital element of retirement income and should be accurate in the calculations that you make.

Individual input

The tool must let you make individual input for you as well as your spouse. It is probable that there is an age difference between the two of you. Thus, the social security benefits for the two of you will be on a varied schedule. Withdrawals from your own IRAs might be differently timed. Ensure that the tool has varied input fields for all such information.

Inflation rate

It should permit you to type in the rate of inflation that is anticipated. Lots of calculators can make such estimation, but inflation every year is based on past averages. Thus, you need a calculator that is updated, so that proper estimation is made.

Stock market cycles

The calculator should also let you compare your retirement to stock market cycles over history and let you know how often your retirement plan could have been successful on the basis of market performance in the past.

Lump sum additions

It needs to enable you to make big additions to your own retirement savings, and permit you to specify that date when you anticipate you are going to retire. Many elderly people own a home which is likely to be their single biggest asset. There is a chance for superannuated individuals to sell their property and move to an old home or an apartment. The income that they make from the sale of their own house can help them pay the rent of their apartment.

Ways to Control the Cholesterol Level in Elderly

A number of components in our day to day life might affect the level of cholesterol in our body. These include weight, physical activity as well as diet. With age, people adopt a more sedentary lifestyle which makes them eat meals that are less nutritious. This leads to increased cholesterol levels among senior citizens. Get quotes at https://www.bestmedicaresupplementplans2019.com/

for 2019 supplements.

Eating food items that have a high amount of cholesterol & saturated fat is likely to raise blood cholesterol levels in your body.


Seniors who’re obese or overweight face a huge risk of developing heart ailments. Besides, it may also lead to high blood cholesterol levels. Keeping your weight in check can help minimize not only the odds of heart ailments but also the cholesterol levels in your body.

Physical Exercise

People living a sedentary lifestyle are at a high risk of suffering from heart diseases. A steady workout routine can ensure your cholesterol levels stay low & facilitate the loss of unwanted weight and fat.

A few other factors which may affect the cholesterol levels in your body include gender, age, & heredity.

Top Foods for Lowering the Levels of Bad Cholesterol in Your Body Naturally:

Pulses and beans:

Both these contain a high amount of fiber along with lecithin – a nutrient which is known to reduce bad cholesterol in your body. Also, you can add borlotti, fava along with other similar options in your daily diet.


They contain good amounts of mono-unsaturated fats that help lower LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). Also, they provide several other benefits to health which also includes the ability to fight cancer.

Raw carrots

They’re a rich source of fiber known as pectin which plays a key role in minimizing cholesterol. Other fruits like apples, strawberries, citrus fruit, etc. also contain a good amount of pectin.


Known for its blood thinning capabilities, garlic also contains plenty of allicin – a substance which prevents your body from retaining bad cholesterol levels.

About Medicare Supplement Plans:

Are you already enrolled in Medicare and looking to lower your out-of-pocket costs? Do check out Medicare Supplemental Plans that can effectively help you to cover your out of pocket Medicare costs.

Ways for Seniors to Protect Themselves from Skin Cancer

It’s not a surprise that among all the type of cancers, skin cancer is the most common. According to research, 1 out of every 5 individuals who’re 70 or more are diagnosed with this type of cancer.

The states are frustrating for experts, mainly because most forms of skin cancers can be prevented with good sun safety practices. Below are 6 ways which seniors can take so as to minimize the possibilities of developing cancer.

  1. Sunscreen

A number of seniors grew up without applying any sunscreen. So, they’re likely to be less compliant when it comes to following the advice of their doctors about sunscreen. However, seniors must remember that the application of sunscreen each time you’re riding a vehicle or outside can be among the most effective ways for preventing a disease like skin cancer.

  1. Protective outfit

The clothes you wear while being outside might increase or decrease the odds of skin cancer. Consider light-weight clothing that features a densely woven fabric since they’re likely to provide better protection from the UV rays. Also, a hat which can protect your face might also help. Lastly, don’t overlook the top portion of your feet as they’re sensitive to sun’s UV rays. Make sure to cover both the feet or you might even apply sunscreen in case you’re wearing sandals.

Irrespective of its SPF, you need to reapply sunscreen every 2 – 4 hours as mentioned on your bottle. In case you’re sweating or swimming, you might even want to apply it a few more times. Also, ensure that you take one full ounce of sunscreen during each application.

  1. Self test

You can also conduct your own test starting from your head all the way to your toes on a monthly basis. Check if you notice unusual spots which consist of irregular borders, seem to have different shades or are growing in their size.

  1. Stay home during peak hours

The ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun is normally strongest during 10 am & 4 pm. Avoid these hours to protect yourself from the harmful rays.

  1. Annual checkup is also must

It is recommended that adults especially seniors carry out their skin cancer check-ups on a yearly basis. A dermatologist can help you identify cancer while it’s still in the early stages.

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Have you heard about Medicare Supplement Plans? They’re ideal if you don’t want to pay out of pocket costs related to Medicare yourself and are looking for additional coverage which can help you these costs.